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Getting Back To The Basics

Rightly said by Valerie Jarrett, we do live in a world which is constantly under threat from local goons to global terrorist networks. Be it man-made or natural- the need of the hour is to be vigil. In spite of the natural disasters being far from our control, the world has been doing its best to be prepared for it. We really can’t do much about it. However, in case of the man-made threats, we most definitely need to be on guard.

The turn of the century saw an exponential increase in crime rates and security threats, which has made surveillance system a must. However, the responsibilities don’t end just at mere installing a surveillance system. This is what a major section of the population fails to understand. There is a whole lot more to it. A thorough understanding of the various aspects plays an integral part in the effective working of the entire system. We all are quite acquainted with the basics but somehow unknowingly they tend to go unnoticed or rather get ignored.

Here are the 5 most key factors of the surveillance system that you must follow before purchasing and installing a CCTV system.

The Purpose

The first and the foremost thing that you need to understand is the purpose of having a surveillance system. How is it going to be an aid to your requirement and the extent to which you are ready to make the most out of it? Understanding this puts you in better position to make the right choice.

The Camera

In addition to the numerous perks of having a surveillance system, it also comes with a cost factor that plays a major role. Here, again you need to keep in mind the purpose while purchasing a camera. With the launch of a new camera every alternate month, it can be a little confusing to choose the right camera. The market abundant with its array of cameras, wired, wireless, fixed, PTZ, dome, infrared, night vision and so on, may put you in a fix. What’s important here is to gauge whether the camera will meet your requirement and produce the effective results.

The Placement

The placement or positioning of the camera is crucial. Whether the need is to install it indoor or outdoor, the direction, the climatic conditions and various other geographical elements of a place play a key role. Here, what you must have is a design plan for efficient and seamless working of the surveillance system.

The Integration

Now you have the right camera, placed perfectly. What next! This is where integration comes into the picture. Integration not only makes your system work smoothly but also optimizes the use of your video surveillance. A well-integrated system can solve a lot of problems. As per your business needs you may choose to integrate your video to other systems like Access Control, Smoke Detectors, Fire Alarm, Remote Monitoring, Intruder Alarm...there are an array of options available. Also, there are myriad video software analytic solutions that help in monitoring people and assets whilst giving you real time notifications of events and thus reducing manual labor cost.

The Maintenance

Maintenance is a universal need, be it a small thing, a gadget or an entire system. Any slack in maintenance makes a thing useless or in the most vernacular term kills it. All your efforts of setting up a system will be futile if you don’t maintain it. Hence, unquestionably it is recommended to timely maintain your system. The availability of 24 hour helpline numbers and experts make this an easier task.

As stated before these 5 factors aren’t unknown to us, however in the humdrum of life we often forget to revisit the basics. These very basics that once upon a time made things easy!

So, it is a good practice to go down the memory lane, relearn the basics to make life easier.